- Our clear objective is to obtain the highest quality of our services throughout continuous vocation, preparation and training.

- Knowing each and every client: Virtues, defects and triumphs. Keep in close relationship and involved in their particular case. Essential aspects we need to know to make the best of our work.

- Your success means ours. Good work means the personal compromise in which we get involved with every client and this is how we reach our highest satisfaction.

- Our way of thinking at Navarro y Asociados is that conflicts are like leafs of a tree and we like to solve them from the roots. Proceed from the beginning in a professional way with our biggest effort. This is the key to gain a good position or even avoid the conflict. This undoubtedly guarantees the success of the measures taken.

- We know that law is not an exact science, this is the reason why we don’t like to call ourselves “law scientists” but personal advisors. Giving a solution to each issue from a strictly practical point of view knowing every case and client.

- One of our most praised characteristics, the one that we specially feel proud of is the capability of giving a legal answer with an exact timming to make the needs of each client lead to a good end.

- We love what we do every day. Our success settles in our professional team, the people that make our firm. The compromise with each of these values and their put in practice show that we are not just lawyers, but also advisors, consultants, negotiators or even friends.