Practice Areas


At Navarro & Asociados we rely on a professional team with broad experience in legal consulting to financial entities such as banks and anything related to stock market issues. Our multidisciplinary nature allows our lawyers to count on support and direct collaboration of professionals that render financial or economy issues in our bureau with the only purpose of complementing our customer service in this specific area.

In the bank commercial law field our main actions are:

  • Full legal advice to bank branches that covers the developing of validations, legal rulings and reports of all kind.
  • Defence of the client in those issues where has been demanded for any reasons of the commercial contracts (insurance, credit cards, mortgages, protection of data, etc…)
  • Recovery of outstanding invoices that come from all kind of commercial bank contracts (debts from credit cards balance, mortgages, financial contracts, etc…): arrange on pre-litigation stage, using the most modern techniques of recovery of outstanding invoices, and on judicial stage, through the lodge of the proceedings that proceed (conciliation acts, payment o order, oral and ordinary proceedings, and their subsequent implementation stages).
  • Mortgages´ legal proceedings until its completed ending with the sale of the property, obtaining the real and effective possession, resolving all kinds of incidences that could appear during the proceedings, including advice and legal assistance to the Department of real state of the bank.
  • Defence and legal action at bankruptcy proceedings, representing and defending the client´s credit, doing all type of actions, negotiations and study all kind of payment offers.


  • Legal Manual
    We have a broad experience in Legal Manual Developing for bank and financial entities, published in the net (intranet, Cetrix, etc), with an understanding content of debit o liability transactions, credit o asset transactions, neutral transactions, protection of data, validations, etc. with the appropriate periodic updating for its adjustment to the legislative modifications and news that may affect its content Training.
  • Formacion
    We frequently arrange working days for our clients’ employees aiming to complement and complete their training. Update them in matters that, from the legal system point of view, can result very interesting for their daily routine.